About Angel Cher
Wildlife Photographer in New Jersey.
Portrait Photography in NJ at local parks and public venues.
Shooting Wildlife Photography is A passion. I endeavor to capture the very best of wildlife I encounter in their environment. In My heart observing the nature of wildlife as I photograph them is always captivating and awe-inspiring. I take the time to get to know them, to talk to them if you will and appreciate all the blessings of our wildlife - My real desire is to share the secret life of these animals with People, who never get the time to know them on a more intimate level, So that people may know how precious their life is, something I have been blessed to know. My favorite places to shoot are Manasquan Reservoir And Edwin B. Forsythe in NJ. I also shoot out of state on the Susquehanna River and Bombay Hook. 

Sharing Life's Journey,

‘Angel Cher’

Angel Cher

The photography is all my
 original work from the hummingbirds to the eagles. The photos were meant to speak for themselves as a song of all that is beautiful ~ of birth, existence and life.

My poetry is about emotions of faith, love, charity and death. My poetry reminds us that even though everything must die and we all face sadness, they were written to reflect on acceptance, on giving and on thankfulness for a life that God has given.
Combined, the book expresses all that is beautiful... The appreciation of life and the acceptance that death is part of life. We are here for such a short time to leave our footprints and a trail for those who are left to follow. Through writing and photography we are blessed to truly enjoy all of God's creations and all of nature abound. When I leave this world it is nice to know that I left You with all the things that touched My heart. Sharing Life's Journey, Angel Cher
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